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Would It Need Lowered?

grim reaper

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Hello 2 everyone,

Iwas just wondering if I purchased the full bodykit for my Corolla T3 If the the car would be better if it was lowered and with 17 inch wheels or kept as normal.

A friend mentioned it would look stupid if i did not lower it and put the 17inch wheels on it, but my insurance company are not to keen on me lowering the car, but they have no problems with a full bodykit.

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it would definately a:look better b:grip better,if you lowered it but if it's going to upset you're insureance company it might not be worth it :crybaby:

the first thing i always do whenever i change my car is do the wheels and lower it,but i've never had any trouble with the irish insureance companys :thumbsup:

at the end of the day it's you're decision what you do :D

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