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Tyre Pressures And Profile?

Neil Clark

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Factory standard for 2000 (Thunderbird 2 rear spolier) SW20(UK) are:

Front - 195-55-ZR15 at 30psi

Rear - 225-50-ZR15 at 35 psi


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Tyre presssures seem to differ as to the individual driving style, I've heard of people running 28 front, 32 rear whereas personally run 33 front 36 rear in the summer when its dry an slightly less in the wet, 34 front, 37 rear on track (thanks to the advice from an IMOC member).

One thing to remember isthe higher the pressure the quicker the wear on the tyre...

Have a play and see hich best suits.

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Just got some of the later 15" alloys for my MR2, to replace horrid 14"!!!!

There 225 on the back, should they be 50 or 55 profile?

Should the fronts be 50 or 55?

What should the pressures be?

Many many thanks

Neil :thumbsup:


how have you found the handling on the 15s compared to the 14s?

much improved?


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