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!yaris Sound System!

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Hi,you'll probably remember me from that stupid NA dump valve discusion i started, but this topic should be an improovement

Let me begin by saying, i own a fiat seicento which i have to drive for another year while my yaris t sport is rusting away in the garage, all due to :censor: :ffs: :censor: INSURANCE :censor: :ffs: :censor: . Anyway I have built my own sound system in the fiat as a project. And it turned out pretty rad, I had 2 custom made sub boxes which had to be designed to fit the boot, I also have an amp box with 2 neon lit fans glowing while they spin, trust me it looks RAD :D .

Anyway, my mate has a polo 1.4, 3 door, sport with allies, its beutifull :thumbsup: . Well my mate and I have decided to build the greates looking sound system, with at least 2 average subs and 1 majourly hardass sub only the 2 in mine(due to size), amps installed either side of the boot (right and left hand side), plus a fold up tv with PS One, and maybe a fridge. Plenty of neons and neon fans :P .

Now i have designed my new project on paper well scetched and everything but my scanner blew when i tried to use it, and my camera got nicked a few weeks a go, anyway i tried my best to use Paint but it doesn't load up :crybaby: . im not sure how to do it properly.

Is there any one there who has already done something like this, could you please put the pics on the web. I think ive seen 'yarisboy' s boot, great job, by the way who ever it was.

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At the moment i am not sure if i want to get one of those fold up tv. But if i do that i would need a tape/dvd player or a playstation. Does anyone have a games console in their car if so which one do you have and why, I was thinking of bying a dream cast, it has fair graphycs, very small hense easier installation in a yaris (due to rediculous boot size). Any help would be usefull.



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To be honest I can't see the point in having a console in your car unless you're building a show project, I mean when are you going to use it? & it'll more than likely get nicked....

By the way there's nothing wrong with Siecento's! Have you seen UAD's one? :D

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