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5efe To A 4efte

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hey FNTSY are you in the uk? that looks like another first gen cynos!!!!! going to have to get some more ideas now - i was going to have mine black with xracing kit <_<

yeah, loads of people have done the efte swap.

andrew (toyotasera.co.uk) has swapped into a sera, if you go to paseopimp look under techie section & youll probably find the info you need.


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I did it with my Sera. I went from a 5E-FHE with auto box to 4E-FTE with manual box.

Very straightforward. With the 16pin & 26pin ECU connectors that the Sera and Starlet share, I had to add two wires which were not already in use - one for the hi/lo switch, the other for the boost sensor.

A couple of wiring mods under the bonnet, either to lengthen or shorten cables as some sensors are in different locations. Some end fittings are different so have to be swapped over.

I would recommend using Starlet clutch and gearbox as well to minimise any mating problems.

You will either have to fit a bonnet vent for the top intercooler, or relocate the intercooler elsewhere, although lag will suffer as a result.

I think a Paseo will need an upgraded fuel pump.

Is it worth it - yes!

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I am doing a 2E to 4E-FTE

pics on www.toyota.vze.com

i'll write up the whole journey later, currently just removed the cat. conv. and am searching who can do me a decent stainless steel downpipe. :)


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