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Those who will be driving up on the saturday please be sure to tune into JAE radio

this will give you all the news and some good old rock on tunes ("too right... rock on matey's" says fluff freeman! )

JAE Radio on : 87.9Mhz

Dont forget folks!

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"well a very good day to y'all on your way up to the greatest ever Jap car show today. This is JAE 87.9 on your dial coming to you loud & proud and saying a warm welcome to all enthusiasts. It's gonna be a blazing hot day so grab a cold 'un and check out the talent on display. Along with all the great cars on show there is also a special event going on over at the LOC/TOC stand. Get yourselves there and enter the 'i've got a funny hair-do contest'. Winners will be guaranteed a professional photo will be splashed all around their forums for months to come. And now back to the music and we have a joint request from the boys over at TOC dedicated to their LOC counterparts....heres 2,4,6,8, Motorway......."

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