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Land Cruiser Sat Nav


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Good friend of mine has a Toyota Lancruiser recently imported from Japan.

It has Japanese sat nav (all the menu's etc are in Japanese) and he wants it changing to UK/ European version. A couple of companies he has phoned have spoken of £1800 !!He'd be better of getting an Ipaq based system than simply CHANGING the current one at that price!!! He hasn't yet rung toyota, but unsure of how useful they'd be anyway.

My question is - does anyone know anything, have any ideas, or experienced this sort of thing before ?

Any help, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all


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Hello Tony,

Having worked in software for more years than I care to admit, the first idea that comes to mind is to contact the Japanese company that manufactured the satnav unit. They probably have web and email being that high tech.

As it is just a matter of changing the menu system from Japanese to English, they may have an English version. Considering the very nature of satnav, multilingual menus make sense, or at least the ability to upgrade the firmware.

It's worth a try. :thumbsup:



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