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Brake Wear

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Had to do an emergency stop at the weekend and it took two dabs of the pedal, wheels locking up both times, despite the ABS. Since then, although the car stops ok, if I brake hard I hear a grinding noise from the front drivers side. Went into the dealership today (bought the vehicle 2 months ago from them secondhand) and they have confirmed it makes a noise and have booked it in tomorrow for a check. Dealer says Previa discs only last 8k between changes. Surely that's a bit low isn't it? He also says 'the pads have hardened up because we can't use asbestos these days'. ????? Any other new-style Previa owners experience similar problems?


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Just had my Previa serviced 18600 miles and front pads need replacing so 9000 seems a little early however I do a lot of miles on the continent so maybe this is the difference.

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Hi , I own a Previa 2.4 CDX Auto

I had the front pads changed at 15k and at the 20K service I was told they're 70% worn again!

Also, Currie motors claim the rear pads and drums need replacing too.

This seems very excess wear to me. even for 90% town driving. Rear pads should last at least 30K. even though it's an auto...this is excessive.

I also own a Saab and in 90k I replaced the front pads twice and rear once.

Maybe an alternative make of brake pads will last longer.

Ferodas ?

I'm NOT happy with Currie Motors anyway ... 200 quid for a service and they didn't even wash the car.

Anyone else had similar exp with brakes.

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