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Snooper Loopy Nuts Are We


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Hello, anyone else here got a Snooper?

My one seems to go off a lot. Even in city mode i find it beeps a lot more than my mates Roadie.

Is this because my mates Roadie is :censor: ?

Or are the Snooper brand detectors simply very sensitive?

I guess if its the latter its a good thing, any opinions would be hot!

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I have an 815i which I am not sure where it is at the moment, when I did have it running it did go off a fair whack so am guessing yes it is very sensitive, but as camera's work on the same frequency as remote garages, traffic light sensors, burglar alarms etc it's awkward to weed out the true signals....

Saying that when you get police on the side of the motoway with laser camera's the not is considerably different to the normal signals :)

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I have a snooper S5R.. and it does give a false reading occasionally.. mainly when passing mobile phone antenna's.. but it has a 'strength' gauge, and almost all false readings only come up 1 bar, whereas camera's give 3-5.

The position of the snooper can also effect how many false readings you get.. I have relocated mine to a lower position, and it goes off less..

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