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hi all

this is my first post so be gentle!

i have a little problem i'd like some advice with please

my car has gone kaput and i need a new one

my choices are down to these 3 and i need a family car now as i've got a little one on the way

toyota corolla t3 1.4/1.6

nissan primera s 1.8

citroen xsara desire 1.6

now anyone got any advice as to which i should choose and why?

also i've seen a deal on the internet with www.ukcarbroker.co.uk

selling the 1.4 for £10,229 and the 1.6 for £10,679

has anyone dealt with these people and does this seem a good price?

is there a major difference in spec/performance between the 1.4/1.6?

thanks for allyour advice i appreciate it



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First of all welcome to the Club I hope you find the information held on the pages useful in deciding which car to get...

Unfortunately I think you'll find the reponses you get are going to be very biased towards the Toyota being a Toyota Club, at least you'll be able to see were a friendly bunch :)

I guess the first advantage is the Toyota reliability although Nissan are also reliable cars, trust the Japanese :)

Personally I prefer the looks of the Corolla over the other two and would disregard the Citroen from the list purely from the point of view that I donj't hink they would compare on looks, reliability and durability but of course that is my opinion, if I was to go for a 1.4 or 1.6 Corolla for the small difference in price that you quoted I would definately go for the bigger engine, but again I guess it depends on what type of driving you do as I would imagine the 1.4 would be more econimcal on the town runs.

I hope some of the Corolla guys are about as it would be good to get some info from the guys who drive the cars rather than someones opinions so we'll have to wait and see...

All the best and good luck in your hunt.


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My suggestions....

Xsara - Too old - prices reflect this.

Yes go for a Corolla, not too sure how much better the 1.6 would be over the 1.4.

However there is one car out there that recently received the 5 star rating (Avensis excluded as not in this class) -

The Renault Megane.

I had one for a 24hr test drive and was well impressed with it's abilty

to cruise at illegally good MPH on the M20...... and very quiet too.

Well done to Renault too for offering this 24hr hour test druive - Toyota should take note.....

Primera - Probably good - but a bit boring?

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I forgot to add in the Corolla defence......

Had mine 1.4Vvti GS in late 2001 (new) and it and it has now covered 40,000 trouble free miles

since then. It has travelled (From London) as far as Cologne for a weekend trip (3 up) and regular trips all over the UK without a murmour.

My Corolla my bit a little "grey" - but I think the new Corolla is streets ahead.

I have grown atached to my little 1.4 though and that's the secret of the Toyota - it grows on you.....

Now I'm torn between a T-Sport next summer or a Megane (see previous posting)...

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brilliant thanks for all your advice and welcome!

smw - prices you quote are for the t2 mate but thanks anyway

i noticed they were quoting as well though fot the corolla style which i've not come across when browsing anyone got one of these or know the extras on them

i'm gonna have a look at the meganes as well

feel free to offer anymore advice everyone




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Hi, this is Jens hubbie speaking! Dont buy the Primera whatever you do, Nissan collaborates with Renault now and their cars are no way good quality anymore, I have a new Micra and still have problems with it. Ditto the citroen, its French and wont be reliable! Know nothing re Corollas except the news ones seem to be having problems... What about a Seat Toledo, I looked at them a while back, seem very nice cars especially the V5! Or, dare I say it a Stilo multiwagon, I am biased towards Fiats, the Stilo is a good family car, better than the Xsara and Primera definately...

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its French and wont be reliable!

i don't know about that,my first car was a peugeot 106 gti,i never had an once of trouble with it and they were voted the third best handeling car in the world.

the only reason i sold it was to get a newer make of car for trade in,i.e 106 was 93,glanza's 96.

if i'd the luxury of being able to own two cars i'd buy another 106 in the morning :yes:

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Well, since you're down to theses four bear in mind that the Xsara is reaaaally old and will be replaced sometime soon. The 1.4 version of Corolla is a very good car and outperforms most of the 1.6 cars in its category. Plus you'll have better fule economy that with the 1.6

I'm not familiar with their prices but between the four I'd go for the Corolla 1.4 as an econimical option. Otherwise I'd choose the Primera (more expensive but more room available in case your family grows more)

PS I do hope my English make some sense :)

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10 grand to spend.. well I know what I'd buy...

a nice 99 IS200...

But seriously, looking at those cars, perhaps you should consider a Honda Civic 1.6SE Sport:

1/2 leather heated seats, leccy windows, climate, PAS, ABS etc, etc..

Cheap insurance, cheap to run, never breaks down (like the Toyota, but unlike zee French merde)..

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10 I would go with the IS200 too... bloody nice car for 10k and more goodies you can shake a stick at!

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I have to defend the citroen being a owners club person too, they are decent cars and have had many of them. However, 1.6 picasso is underpowered. Primera is a no no, they have noisy engines when worked and let's face it are now owned by Renault. Which is not a good thing I would say. Citroen are a world apart from Renault.

However the Toyota had nearly everything going for it which is why I drive one over a citroen now. Build quality is not perfect, especially inside but it will NOT let you down!!


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