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So I'm driving round my home town in my MR2 tonight with the roof off thinking I'm all that and look what was parked in the market carpark. (sorry about picture quality, I used my mobile phone)




Spoke to the guy for a while.. I have never seen that tail light mod in my life and I'm in love with it. He said he designed the back bumper himself and is trying to get it into production. Made my MR2 look pretty lame.. I want to spend thousands on mine now.

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He isnt going to JAE because he has 'Fast and Furious' that weekend.. but he was at Max Power a few weekends ago.

I'm not kidding.. this is the first heavily modded MR2 I have seen, it might look OTT in the pics but it was so sweet. When I pulled up in mine he got out and we talked.. I'm glad he had time for me. He said that when he bought it, it looked like mine..lol.

He also designed the door cards too.. well nice. Its UK spec too. I like the black roof.

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I think 'foul' is a harsh word.. alot of money had gone into it and you could tell.. all the lines where the rear bumper meets the metal had been removed.. the rear doesnt even look like an MR2.

It was good just talking to a fellow MR2 guy as there isnt many of them around here.

Still gonna keep my MR2 simple, 17's and lowered with my modded nose. I fancy a mad paint job tho.

You would only get away with it with a jappy car tho..lol.

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