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Celica 190 Problems


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I've had my Celica 190 since new (it's a 2000 Y-plate) - it's just had its 3rd service (at 27,000 miles).

I've had some troubles with the car in the past:

About a year ago, whilst driving along, the engine warning light came on. I took it to the main dealer for them to have a look at - they told me that the 190 Celicas had a design fault - something to do with the bolts that are used when the engine lifts - apparently, they can shear off (which is nice). They had the car for about a week, and when I picked it up, they said that the actual fault was related to the oil pump not pushing enough oil through the engine, so that was replaced.

The car was fine up until a month or so ago - when driving the car at slow speeds (0-10 mph), I could hear a squeaking noise coming from the engine. I booked the car in for a service, but before I could get to the dealer, the car wouldn't start, and ended up having to get the RAC to have a look at what the problem was - the Battery was flat due to it not receiving enough charge from the alternator. He didn't know if there was a problem with the alternator or with the drive belt, so the car was towed to the main dealer for them to repair.

They had the car for a fortnight - they said that they had fitted a new alternator. The squeak had gone, and I was happy again.

This last week, however, I've noticed a considerable lack of power when I'm accelerating (even gently in 1st/2nd gears) - the car judders a little bit (as if I'd hit the rev limitter) at around 3,000 - 4,000 revs. When I get to the 6,000 rev mark (where the engine noise used to noticeably change - where the lift occurred), nothing seems to happen - no matter what gear (i.e. the lift doesn't happen, and it feels like I've hit the limitter again).

Wondered if anyone else had any problems like this, or could suggest what the problem could be now?

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If the 190 has a VVTI engine I gues the vlave timing isn't working, I am trying to relate this to the older TVIS systems where at a certain rev the engine would open up the extra ports for more power...

I would get Mr. T to check it out again....

Sorry to hear your not having much luck with that car....

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Thanks for the reply...

I've tried booking it in - neither of the two local dealers can see the car for another fortnight :( Just hope I won't do more damage by continuing to drive it?

As an example of how much power I seem to have lost - I had a job keeping up with a boy racer in a 13 year old Ford Orion Ghia yesterday :crybaby:

Not advocating speed, but I couldn't get the car over 95mph either - in 6th gear the car wouldn't do over 5,000 revs... :ffs:

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Dont know much about the 190 vvtli at all but sounds like the ecu is a bit ********-ubikd or the 2nd cam profile is disfuctional.

Sounds expensive either way, but is guess the car is still within its warrranty so its not your problem its toyota's.


Never driven a gen 7 celica, driven a Integra Type R. That was quite fun, does the 190 have a high pitched F1 style sound like the Honda when you push it hard?

When i push the GT4 hard i get a similar Ferrari style sound, i dont know whether this is normal for a non vvti engine.

Sorry i really like engine sounds too much :lol:

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...does the 190 have a high pitched F1 style sound like the Honda when you push it hard?

Yup (well, used to anyway :( ) - hit the 6,000 rev mark and the engine lifts and starts whining all the way up to the little red line.

Luckily the car is still in warranty, and I tried the courtesy car routine - they havn't got one available until the middle of August :o

What's more irritating is that I'm replacing the Celica for a Rav4 in September (with the same dealer) - and that's the best customer service they offer :( Perhaps it's time for a change... hmm, is it too late to get an RX-8? :)

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