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Cant Find New Metal Light-bulb Fittings


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I have faulty connections on the rear light fittings, due to rust, which results in more attention to my car by the police (though tyres etc are OK right now). They fittings are not listed in the manual, and my local garage has been unable to find some. It's for a Corolla 1.3 GL '89, but i am sure they are probably the same fittings across a large range of Toyotas.

Can anyone suggest what I should be asking for, or looking for on the internet? I am talking about the metal connectors at the ends of the wires, which the bulbs slot in to.

I have tried Halfords, but I have not yet been to a scrap-yard. Is that my best bet? Are there going to be many Corollas this age do you think, or do most cars get crushed these days?

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For anyone with a similar problem, found the fitting in scrapyard, and simply cut the wires then bared the ends, before twisting them together and putting some tape round the exposed bits. worked perfectly!

the rust on the old fittings had been due to water leaking in, so my next mod was to drill 2 holes in the bottom of each rear light cluster, to allow it to drain. didn't have a single problem after this!

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