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Ok To Use Different Fuel?


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When I bought my first Toyota (1.3 GL '89 Corolla) i ran for a few months on unleaded. Then i noticed the petrol cap fitted LRP 4-star, and it seemed to run better. I think it wheezed less after a long drive, and started better when warm.

Anyhoo, now i have replaced the air filter, and i think this was the problem all along. They have stopped 4-star at my nearest garage, and put the price up to 82.9p at another. One is still at 78.9p, but i fear the overall trend. Am i safe to run on either fuel?

And do people find that the extra power in higher octane fuel (eg Shell Optimax) is worth the cost? Or could it damage the engine (1295cc 12v with 100,000 miles)?

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your car should run fine on unleaded (normal 95 ron), as mine does and its a lot older.

optimax cant damage your engine - quite the opposite, but tbh i wouldn't bother using it on a 1.3 corolla. :P

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The japanese banned unleaded in 1978 so theoretically all post 1978 japanese cars should run on unleaded, I ran my 78 corolla on it with no problems and my 2.0 celica engined ke35 runs on it as well

with no problems shames it aint got no brakes yet tho.

I know that the classic car mags that list jap stuff seem to list all 78 onwards cars as suitable for unleaded whether they be toyota's ,honda's or datsuns

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