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Front End Noise On My Camry When Stopped


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I've got a 2000 Camry CE that is our main family transportation. I've noticed a noise lately I don't recall hearing before. The noise happens when I am at a dead stop and have the brakes applied with the car in drive. If I had to describe it, its almost like a dull metal on metal rubbing/knocking/thunking type noise. Its not incredibly loud, but when stopped with the brakes applied and with the radio off, very noticeable. It goes away completely and my RPM's on the engine perk up slightly if I put it in neutral or park. Something to be concerned about or merely normal behavior I haven't noticed before?

Any help, input, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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sounds like just your brakes pads vibrating when they are pinching the disks.. if you apply your brakes harder it will not happen. Pretty normal

Also it is normal for the rev to change when changing gears

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