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Fabulous Headlight Brows!


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Matt, im afraid they are in the style of 'Fabulous' so not real ones!

that exhaust does look tops though, good luck on trying to find it :yes:

ahhh - never mind mate :)

I know Steve Ganz, the owner of L-Tunedparts, where I got that pic from.

But - importing from USA is a PITA - if you knew a guy in the UK, I would have had a word.

thanks anyway mate - sorry for going off topic :thumbsup:

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groupbuys... none running at the min, most people who want them have already contacted me and paid up, i cant really do them any cheaper than what they are, im not the one who makes them.

Dave... maybe mate one day in the future, never seen those lights anywhere though

Matt.... ill keep an eye open, if i see anything then ill let you know. Im in contact with a chap out in Japan who can literally get anything, just shipping can be a pain in the bum. But then my uncle imports cars every now and then and for a small fee (around 60quid) i can get stuff shipped relatively cheaply, just takes a while to get here!

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Rob could you reserve a pair of Fabulous for me, I might pick em up on my way back from Southampton at the end of the month

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