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88 Celica Gt-s Engine


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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find engines for an 88 Celica GT-S liftback. I've done a search and checked at alljapaneseengines.com but couldnt find the engine I wanted. Anyone know exactly what engine is in the car and where I can find one? Thanks for the help

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What's the exact engine code also? The engine on the car may have been run low on oil and locked up. Also, it seems it's kind of hard for me to find this car on the net and such, and the lady who owns it now told me they're kind of rare. Anyone else wanna add some info? I'm going to go take some pictures today and try to post them later. Thanks.

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I'm driving an '86 GT-S so I can probably help you out.

It's a 3S-GELC. Sometimes you'll see it without the LC. Don't get it confused with the 3S-GE in the newer models, the one you're looking for has 135hp as opposed to the newer ones with close to 200hp I believe. I'm not sure if the newer 3S-GE would fit in your car or not. But you're looking for the 2.0L DOHC 135hp 3S-GE(LC) engine. Hope that helps.

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Well, now there's some conflict... You say the engine is a 22F-EC but the code on the engine in the picture is 22R-E...

Stats on the 22R:

Engine 2367cc I4 SOHC

Horsepower 105HP@4800RPM

Torque 137lb/ft@2300RPMs

Bore 3.62

Stroke 3.50

Compression ratio 9:1

Models with this engine: 1981-86 (USA)

I couldn't find stats for the 22F-EC engine? Maybe they're both the same thing and I'm just missing something. Anyways... Doesn't really look like you'd get much out of that engine, but I have no idea what kind of swaps you'd be able to do etc...

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Well that explains a lot, you dont even have a 4th gen celica, its a 3rd gen, They are very different cars to the 88 gt-s. for one their rear wheel drive. and the engine is completly differnt.

He explained this - it was misinformation on the part of the lady he is buying from... He doesn't actually need an 88 GT-S engine. Although I still don't know why he needed an engine in the first place, if the car he is buying has one. Unless it doesn't have one? In that case just check out all the local scrap yards. I found an '86 GT-S identical to mine in every way. Unfortunately, after they'd took the engine out and went to swap it in, they found that the block was cracked. Ah well. I spent $3000 (CAD) on a rebuild instead.

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