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X-box Vs Head Unit...


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Ok, I was going for the Kenwood DVD motorised screen jobbie up front BUT the guys doing the work have suggested a fixed screen with an x-box, disassembled and hidden with just the start button on show and the ports to plug the controllers, chipped so I can play all region discs and 120gb hard drive (my pcs only 80gb- OMG!!)

SO kenwood: less obvious to scallys, cool flippy screen but normal OR xbox: potential for serious theft but much more original and I can play games at shows on either the dash screen or the one in the back, tee hee...

What you guys think??? :help:

And no, I can't make any decisions on my own ok??

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Neither, spend it on more power :D

But if you must, go for the x-box :yes:

It's ok, it's cheap lol....blagged sponsorship for ICE too tee hee

yeah, gotta admit I've been thinking about it all night (oo err) and I think x-box is the way forward.....

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