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Quad Throttle Bodied Paseo 5efe

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just looking through my catalogue of gaskets, the 4efe and the 5efe both use the same replacement inlet manifold gasket so im pretty sure they will fit.

hey, i'll measure some toyota throttle bodies as i've got a fair few knocking about. but in all honesty isnt it pulling hairs? 48mm, 50mm, 52mm... jack in it compaired to my quads really.

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o.k thats good to know, i want to do a project for fun and was wondering if it would be possible for someone like me to do it?

i have welding skills from college and do some mehcanical bits and bobs on the engines, or are there some special skills needed?

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do you think we posses magical skills apart from our experiences? and theres only one way to gain experience.

have a go, if it goes wrong dont cry, just fix it and try again with what you have learnt from your mistakes.

I have a graveyard of engines, hondas, diahatsu's, fords, peugeots.... all realisticly failed because of my messing. I feel over the last 12 months i've now progressed, now I have a good appreaciation for where problems arise and I have gained mechanical sympathy towards modern engine building techniques.

Its only from making mistakes did I learn how not to make the same errors in the future.

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thanks for that mate.

i got a few odd questions.

some ITB's have injectors on them and was wondering what you do with cars like the avensis 4afe which has it in the head?

and what else needs wiring up to get it all running? wiring/ mechnaical things changed/moved around?


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not being funny but there is alot more bridges to cross than removing injectors, you cant really be spoon fed on a project like this, theres alot that can and will go wrong and I wouldn't like you to do any of it on my say so. Its too much liability with nothing to gain apart from ear ache. Sorry man.

I've had years of experience messing with standard stuff to get an understanding of design and good practice.

If you want to do this, stand on your own feet and learn how to fall well :)

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Hi There mate, good read this thread, excellent work :D

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions I have.

I see your running your bodies on standard ECU, but you mentioned an "APEXi"

Does that mean your running the tb's on just a piggy back fuel controller?

Do the standard injectors cope? I thought they would initially, as toyota always fit more-than-big-enough nippon densos as standard- but wanted to make sure you hadnt changed these too.

Reason I ask is that I was planning to run a megasquirt v3 (instead of 2.2 cos i ultimately plan to run denso individual coil mapped ignition) and if i can get away with a piggy back ignition and fuelling, of which i have both, already, then it will let me concentrate my funds elsewhere- and i can go for the ECU when i build my next head with a pair of piper 285's.

Thanks in advance for your time,


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I've been setting my ITB's up this week now i've sorted the bottom end.

When you bolt them on and hose them up the car runs very rich all over and drinks fuel.

I have added an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to knock the fueling down across the board, and have removed the fuel trim resistor in the ecu and replaced it with a variable resistor. I have also added a solenoid to the vacume hose work with two adjustable regulators, one for cold start, other for regular idle. The ecu powers up the solenoid on cold start to increase the idle for me.

With the apexi I have formed two adjustment maps, one for low throttle and one for higher throttle. This allows me to tweek the map signal for crusing situations below 20% throttle to form some for of ecconomy and drivablity. The above 20% throttle adjustment map is tuned to make power.

Its much better to drive now, easy in traffic now too but it has taken some getting used to. Power is drasticly up now after the tuning, picks up better and is smoother. Economy has doubled but it was doing about 60 miles to £15!

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