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New Pics Of My Starlet

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Looking good!!! Excellent photos! B) I love that colour too and you did a very tidy job. You're right in saying it won't be to everyone's taste, and I bet it's harsh on the roads, but still I like it! :thumbsup:

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well i love it now with the glanza headlights.... it just didnt look right before with the n/a headlights... i like it!!! real tidy job.


p.s. what type of parts will you be doing? if u speak to geo (enzo on that site), he might set up a traders bit on the uk starlet club?

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is enzo on the numerous forums actually geocool??? awesome, he's back! hehe

and, well...again, im repeating myself johnny, your car isnt to my taste's, but props for your work into it; i must say the glanza headlights make it look better

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I will reopen this thread as after editing your advert. Do not advertise or this will be deleted again!

Also please do us a favour.. lose the "Txt TLK" we are not on a mobile here... you'll only get flamed.

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man that is a lovely glanza! how come i have never seen her on the show seane b4? would u do me a fav and e-mail me more pic's and a full spec list and i'll c about getting u a feature?

pm me!

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