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Have seen and heard about people debadging their Toyotas, and wanted to do likewise as it looks rather nice.

Could someone please tell me how to do it, and with what I should do it with - don't obviously want to wreck my paintwork, as would :censor: me off no end!

Want to get it done before JAE so please get back to me soooooon!!



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I haven't debadged anything but the info I have C + P from bazza over on LOC might be useful:

decided to rebadge my car with the black pearl emblems

first of all the best tip is pick a hot day

luckily i did !

first thing if rebadging is to put some masking tape on the edges of the existing emblems

so that when you come to reapply, you know where they are to go, on the IS 200 digits i placed tape underneath and marked the gaps with a pencil(as they are made up of three parts) this was a mistake use an indelible pen, bacause the pencil will get rubbed out later

the emblems need to be heated up a bit to soften the glue

i used the sun , but a hair dryer also does the trick

(do not use a heat gun or in fargo`s case dont attempt to put in the oven )

then get some dental floss (i used the peppermint flavour but spearmint does also work)

pull the floss behind the emblems in a see saw action,pulling towards yourself

the emblems will come off quite easy but they will leave the glue on the car

carefully pick at the glue and the bulk of it will easily pull off, leaving a sticky residue

i used a household stain remover, (a natural based cleaner for removal of biro, chewing gum etc ) allways test first on paintwork that is not seen!!!!

a quick rub of this and the glue was gone

a quick rub with t-cut to remove all that built up polish

and its now ready to apply the new badges, if you are just debadging stop now!

carefully line up the new emblems against the masking tape, be careful as once they grab hold they wont move again, then press firmly on

leave for a few days and polish the surrounding paintwork

and there you have it

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I used a hair drier being careful not to heat the paint too much, when it is about ready to come off u'll see the Badge ur fiddling with will be a little looser, I used a credit card to wedge in behind the Badge and *carefully* ease it off bit by bit, it doesn't matter if it takes a long time to take the badges off if your paintwork looks great afterwards!! :D

once u've got the Badge off I used Autoglym Intensive TAR remover on a cloth to slowly, and this took me along time, slowly melt and scratch the glue off with a cloth/my finger nails :unsure:

here's what it should look like when you're done

sam's debadged yaris

you'll have to excuse the trolley marks on the bumper I need to get that seen to :rolleyes:

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Is this the same for the front Badge?

Yarisboy - I notice from your avatar that you have the front Badge on still. Is this Badge pinned on or glued like the rest?

I remember this being in a previous thread but I'm having a crafty 5mins on the Net at work. :arrgg-matey:

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Thanks for all the tips guys - it looks nice when it's done from the photo Sam.

Glad someone brought up the front Badge situation, because I was going to have that off first with my hairdryer!!

Will give those back badges a blasting in the sun today



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Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Had a little go at getting off the back badges without a hairdryer, but proved a bit tough going, so have left them on there for now.

Believe it or not, we don't actually have a hairdryer in the house, so will have to scout for one.

Glad I didn't go and attack the front Badge though, as would have probably been quite gutted about all my hard work still leaving two ugly pin holes! Doesn't matter so much, as my new carbon bonnet with vent will be arriving from Japan in a month, so no need to remove the front one anyway - can't wait!

CHeers again, and hope to see you at JAE

Paul :thumbsup:

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