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Corolla T-sport With Bigger Wheels ?

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Am still looking to change my 'old' corolla for a 2nd hand T-Sport,

I found one online, it has what i want....5 doors and silver colour,..

the only thing is..it has 205/45/18 tires and wheels i.o. the stock 195/55/16...

I'm 'afraid' the bigger wheels will decrease the acceleration speed ...!!!??

is that true or will the difference be hardly noticeable???? :blink:

if not...any other advantages/disadvantages of having these bigger wheels??


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Mine has 18" wheels, can´t say if it´s slower or not coz I haven´t tested mine with original sized ones, except in winter. The correct size that is closest to the original is 215/35/18 so with 205/45 you shoud get atleast the speedo indicating a lot wrong.... With 215/35 however the speedo indicates the same as standard because it has the same overall circumference as the standard tires. As what comes to weight, my 18" with tires were just as heavy as my 16" with wintertyres (50grams lighter infact) so the weight shouldn´t make it slower. So imho get the car with 18", but change the tyres, wit overallprofile of 35 the tyrewalls are a lot lower and has less rubber, hence lighter than ones with 45 profile. With 205/45 it might seem faster according to the speedo, coz the speedo would indicate 60mph when in fact going only 55 or so....

Advantages: better grip, higher cornering speeds, looks

Disadvantages: bumpier ride, higher tyrewear, higher fuelconsumption ( a little)

pics here: http://www.sit.fi/~framlink/

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