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Yaris Carbon Bonnet


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Have just ordered the VITZ RS Carbon bonnet with vent (from C-One) for my SR!!

Am so excited that I had to tell all!!

Hope it comes before 26th, so I can get completely sorted before showtime!

Can't wait and will keep y'all posted of course :arrgg-matey: :thumbsup:

This will be me :drool:

This will be my Dad when he finds out :eek: :ffs: :censor:


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Be aware of the cost of getting items through the airport...... i just ordered a few things and its just cost me the same again on tax (s),import duty and handling.

Its a cash on deliverly, you have been warned! :wacko:


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It's the RS bonnet on the TUNEACAR website (linked at top of page) made by C-ONE - there's the photo on there.

They're a UK based firm, so I only have to pay for national shipping from wherever they are. All the same, it's not going to be cheap, but well worth it I think!


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Where do you order your bits and pieces from then Dan? What websites or companies can you recommend to me...?



PS. Looks like my order isn't going to arrive in time, but will keep you posted :(

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