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Does Someone Know About Tyres?

victor kakol

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I have an Avensis with 17'' alloy rims. They look just fabby. :)

The trouble is the noise coming into the cab with the low profile tyres that are on them.

Does anyone know which tyres, with the highest wall size, that could be fitted to these rims without fouling anything in the wheel well.

Any help would be appreciated as the noise is starting to bug me.

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What brand of tyres are you running??? How much tread is on them???? The tread patterm side wall design and rubber compound will alter how "noisey" a tyre is, you can shop around and a get a quieter solution, but still keep the original rolling radius.

Mant modern luxury cars come with lo-pro tyres, yet are designed for minimal road noise, I suggest a quieter tyre. I am sure there will be a test somewhere on the internet of tyres, and relative road noise.

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I have Dunlop SP3000 on my Avensis, and they seem to be really good. They are slightly noisy, but they seem to wear well and have good grip so I ama bit wary about swapping and getting something quieter, but potentiallty with worse grip.

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Hi, the newer Avensis has 215/50 Goodyear NCT5 tyres on the 17" wheels. The reviews of this tyre say it is quiet (which is probably why Toyota have chosen it) but a bit iffy in the wet. I've just put a set of 215/50 Bridgedstone ER300 on and despite being designed for a "quiet and comfortable ride" they are neither quiet nor comfortable! I'm now left looking for yet another set of tyres because the er300s are just too loud and with a shortlist of 3 tyres: Either go back to Dunlop SP3000a but with the 50 profile, go for the new Michelin Primacy HP which seem to be universally liked but not cheap or wait a while until the even newer Goodyear Responsedge tyres are available in the UK which are supposed to be as quiet as the NCT5 but more comfy and with loads more grip.

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