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Yaris And Cd Player (what About Mp3 ?)


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as in the subject... i got yaris and i've spent around 350 euro for to buy a f***** cd player that works very good ... i'd like to convert some mp3 unto cd rw (for delete them later) but that cd player does not read cd rw!!!

so the question are :

1. shall i burn that cd rw in a such particular way ? (or there's no chanche??)

2. the're a possibility of uninstalla that cd player (or also all radio) and install a brand new one cd - mp3 player (not toyota) ??

thanks for help guys

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There is no way to make a non CD-RW reading cd player, read a CD-RW, it's due to the fact that there's more than one layer etc etc and lots of other technical stuff

i have the original cd player from toyota, not the 6 cd player, only one cd.

so why the 6cd player read that damn cd-rw and the single cd player not ?? that's strange in my hopinion......

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I have the original 6-cd changer. It actually can play a CD-RW. Just burn it like a normal audio-cd. Or did you already tried that?


i already tried to burn it in normal way (disc at once)

now i'm burning 2 other way : disc at once 96 (don't ask me what's this )

and track at once...

after this i've seen that in that forum many people have replaced that cd player with another cd player, so that's the way i'm gonna do... i want to selle that cd player and where it is now i want to put a normal car stero, with mp3 reader......

it is possible right ?

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I own the standard CD player (on a yaris'03 TS got in April) and it reads the CD RW

i don't know about strange ways of writing CDs... the standard RED BOOK of audio CD works fine with the CD RW as long as the player is able to read them..

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The way a cd-rw is made to work is different to a cd-r (i.e. its not burnt the disc is 'maniputlated' to store the data), hence its harder for a lazer to read the disc. Using them at home shows this as some cd players will not read a cd-rw but will read a cd-r.

try http://www.121cdr.com for some discs, there cheap and if u get a big enough order together then is saves money


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Some times CD players don't like burnt CDs because they are usually burnt at a fast speed.

To get a CD-R or CD-RW to work it is best to burn a CD at the lowest speed, I now this will take a long time put it is worth it.

Another problem is that some CD players don't like 700mb CDs try using 650mb

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alot of cd players will only read a disc thats been 'finalized'

this is when the writer puts what is known as the TOC 'table of contents' onto the disc, which the player can then look at and find each track on the disc. as on a cd-r disc

like toady sez a cd-rw is manipulated and does not have the TOC so some players become confused as they cant locate the tracks and therefore wont play the disc.

the best option has been said before. just buy discs at about 20p a shot and just reburn them every time ya have a change of heart for the disc.

then throw the old ones at young kids and grannys in metros


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