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What is the best way to remove the 'dealer' sticker from the rear window and all the gunk it leaves behind........??

Need to put my TOC sticker in its place.... :thumbsup:

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i'm reading the back of the bottle now and it has instructions for 'INTERIOR'. However it is concerned with oil based stains in carpet and fabrics... although I can't see why it wouldn't work on removing the glue from your rear window...

you'd just have to wipe it off and polish when ur done i suppose, try some household things before u go out and buy this stuff first m8

as dan suggests just got to be a little careful :)

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Hey guys - DONE IT. B)

Funnily enough - after being on the rear window for eons & eons the sticker peeled off in one piece leaving just a small residue that I zapped with bog-standard window cleaner....Prob solved.

Thanks anyhow..... :thumbsup:

The car is now displaying the TOC sticker...... :thumbsup:

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