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Auto Express & New Uk Corolla Faults


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Auto Express would like to here from all UK owners of the new Toyota Corolla who have outstanding faults on their vehicles. They will in turn pass these details on to Toyota GB in the hope that they will rectify these faulty vehicles.

The email address is:- james_baggott@dennis.co.uk

James Baggott

Consumer reporter

Auto Express Magazine

Don't forget to send via email your vehicles registration and your name giving a brief outline of your problems and the dealer concerned.

I have been told that a story is most likely to be published about this issue.

If you have outstanding issues with your Corolla now is the time to speak up or forever hold your peace.

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The aim of the exercise is to get Toyota GB to own up to their current manufacturing and design problems on the new Corolla (which has now been out for at least 18 months). They should be prepared to rectify these problems for the people who put their faith into this brand and product and who gave them exceptional sales figures last year.

I have no doubt that this product will get better over time, once they have analysed all the feedback from the complaints that customers have lodged with their dealers, who tell their customers "we don't have a fix" or "this is how they are". Does that mean that existing people with faults should be left by the wayside or to go cap in hand to the dealer for help only to be refused? No I think not and that is why we need to do something about it! If management at Toyota GB will not listen and offer to rectify these vehicles which is the least they should do, then consumer power will need to take hold and the press can be the best method of expressing this.

Sorry but needed to get that off my chest. Anyone like to buy a 7 months old Corolla Tspirit with 4000 miles on the clock to include a noisy engine and plenty of vibrations and rattles. No I thought not, even my supplying dealer won’t buy it back, he doesn’t want to purchase faulty stock, well what did he sell me!

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  • 2 weeks later...

A story is to be published soon. No date just yet as they are giving Toyota time to respond.

I have since heard that the Auto Express test car had the same fault as my vehicle concerning the loud buzzing/growl sound (see long term test), the two vehicles built some 6 months apart. There wasn't a fix then and there isn't one now. What do Toyota Technical do all day?

So come on send your emails in if you have an oustanding issue with your Corolla that the dealer carn't or won't sort out.

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Well I have been contacted by Toyota GB. They have heard from Auto Express and want to have their engineer look at my car. Problem is not until late August. I wonder if this has anything to do with delaying the outcome to prevent publication before the new September REG? I don't think they want people to cancel their Corolla orders based on the outcome of my cars faults.

If they can cure my vehicles problems I would be more than willing to give the whole TGB operation some praise on this web site. Fact is though I have been considering selling the vehicle because I have just about ran out of steam. I have only been offered £10000 trade, Toyota will not under right my losses and the price is only fixed until 31 August.

what should I do?

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On one hand I would say congrats Gaz, at least one person has finally got Toyota to take thigns seriously and take a proper look at the car to find out what is really going on with it, I hope they can find the faults and you will be ale to feedback any findings through the forum so others maybe able to chase Toyota GB with the faults found, it will be very useful information, and of cours great news for existing and future owners.

I am sure if you tell Autocar what Toyota have said to you they will be more than willing to put a write up in the following months magazine if they miss the deadline as they appear to be very interested in the faults.

I would hang fire, let Toyota fix the problems and keep the Toyota, I am sure Toyota will want to keep you on their happy side if they know you are in communication with a large automotive journal and am sure the other owners wouldbe very interested to hear your feedback.

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Thanks for the encouragement.

As you know having had a few new Corolla's since April 2002 I have tried very hard to stick with it. I explained to TGB today that I rejected the first couple of cars for cosmetic issues, sunroof leaks and stalling faults. Once TGB had explained that these had been addressed on the line, my confidence in the Corolla was lifted enough to have another go.

I was fairly happy with my purchase until after about 1200 miles when the inlet manifold failed. Since then the engine has got noisier and 3 inlet manifolds and one set of gear change cables later still no cure, ironically the cabin seems quieter..

I must say I have had a few sleepless nights and a lot of trips to different garages trying to see what I could purchase in stead. I don't really want to throw in the towel (although TGB might wish I would) I like the size and feel of the car and so does my wife.

I would like to say that one guy at TGB customer services has tried hard to turn things around within his restraints, I feel slightly guilty that he is always the one left to deal with me, I do think that some people above him should come out of hiding a sound their voices. I would only say TGB could do with a few more people like him.

As for all you people on the forum take this opportunity to be heard. Your posts are being read.

Thanks a lot for this web site and to all the people who contribute to it, we can and do make a difference.

Keep up the good work.


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If these posts are indeed being read which I believe they are it may be worth naming the lost soul in TGTB who is offering so much assistance, it is not only the purpose of these forums to help owners with problems with their Toyota's but also to comment on jobs well done and help that is greatly appreciated which was the main aim of the review section.

Constructive criticism is always welcome but there are not enough members who post thank you's and comments of jobs well done.

Your patience and reluctance to give in to TGB or the various Toyota franchises for a car you like disregarding the numerous teething problems I'm sure will help plenty of others who are unfortunate to help others in the same boat....

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Like Gaz I’ve had a response from Toyota GB reference my complaints about the Corolla T3 I purchased recently. Unfortunately all they have done is refer me into a second dealership local to me. They said the dealer customer service manager would contact me personally.

Yes you have guessed it 8 days later and they have not contacted me. Therefore I have sent another letter into Toyota GB telling them my requirements to put the situation right.

The same as Gaz I quite like the vehicle, but oh how nice it would be to have a fault free vehicle from delivery and not rely on dealer fixes and TSB's, however I’m not sure if Toyota can produce one.

Two statements in their letter left me confused, they said

•The warranty is designed to cover unforeseen circumstances such as those experienced on your vehicle.


•We assure you that the problems are untypical of the normal level of service associated with our vehicle reliability.

Are we to believe that they honestly think that those statements are true, when a glance at many Toyota forums around the world will tell them that it is not so.

Toyota was once renowned for the QUALITY of its product, unfortunately they are now in danger of being known for the lack of it, unless of course they wake up to customer pressure.

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As with Gaz Bryfly, keep us posted on future communications, it's going to be good to see how TGB try and resolve the issues that have now so publicly been brought to their attention....

Hmmm Watchdog article anyone, we have written documentation on the forum from numerous owners :D

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Despite reading these forums every so often I hadn't realised people were having so many problems with new Corollas. I have a September '02 Corolla T-Sport and have only a few really minor niggles.

What are the problems everyone else is having?

Mine are:

o Alarm going off about 5-10mins after activating

o Water leaking on to seat when opening the door when car is wet (3dr model)

o Crunching noise from front off-side wheel pulling away after having applied handbrake

o Some uninsured idiot running a red light in west London and whacking the back wheel and buggering up my suspension. All fixed now, but now don't have any no claims bonus left!


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Point 4 is an unfortunate mishap, there have been numerous threads where we have asked members to post problems they have experienced with the Rolla and Yaris.

As Gaz and Bryfly are now in discussion with Autocar and TCB it is important that this topic remains "On Topic" in order to keep it's validity and a means of following through on communications between members of the public, automotive journals and TCB, genuine Corolla faults are appreciated and welcomed buyt please could all posts be kept genuine and any criticisms kept to a constructive format.

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Just a thought, as users such as Gaz have been told that TGB are reading the forum and viewing threads such as these, wouldn't it be nice for TGB to comment direct and take an active part in resolving the problems with their followers rather than sit back and fight the problems and bad publicity after the fact ?

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Rhaines...this is so logical, with fair and balanced moderation such as we have here, TGB, and all other T Nationals have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being totally "out there" with complaints queries and questions on this MB.

Gaz has been especially tenacious, and has expended so much emotional energy just trying to get TGB to remedy the faults in the product they sold him, he, and the rest of us shouldn't have to go through all this trauma just to get our cars to work the way they should've in the first place.

So how about it Toyota, we're not "Really Scary People" we're just folk who in days gone by, were called Valued customers..

Rhaines has thrown down the gauntlet, how about accepting the challenge.....????

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I've my CTS since May 03 and have clocked up to 13.5K miles.... have pretty much the same problem...

Alarm going off about 5-10mins after activating

Crunching noise from front off-side wheel pulling away after having applied handbrake

my mate is running 02 CTS with 20K miles on the clock and not a single problem at all???

another colleague is running 02 rolla t3 from new and clocked up to 43K miles.....he's now really p... off of his car and he is thinking of selling it...

D airbag failed within 2 weeks of ownership

wing mirror cover comes off....

clutch / gearbox packed up (40K miles)

front electric window failed....

Mind you this poor bloke used to love toyota but not any more!!!

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rhaines I like your suggestion about TGB answering our complaints on the forum but bare in mind at the end of the day they are in the position of making money like any other capitalist company and their response will be calculated. The dealers will also be doing the same. lets not lose site about what this thread was about, using the media to launch the attack, they have more resources and money to invest on gaining a result but don't forget they also gain something that they need to survive a story. Write to Auto Express, What car or Watch dog, the more the merrier.

By the way BBC Topgear WWW.TOPGEAR.COM have a good section on their MY TOP GEAR SECTION, DUFFERS which allows you to post problems with vehicles. Why not add your compalints to the this?

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Well I have been contacted today by a company based in Switzerland working on behalf of Toyota asking questions relating to customer feedback about my dealings with Toyota GB and Toyota Europe. Well they wanted to know how may case had been handled and my views on how I was dealt with as a customer. They also asked me for any advice I may have on what improvements I would like to see. I won't tell you what my answers were, but I bet you can gue

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Now 10 days since I sent my second letter to Toyota GB and I have received absolutely no response at all. After my first letter, Toyota said the customer care manager from my local dealer would contact me, alas he never bothered.

Doing really well this organisation called Toyota, supposed to be a byword for quality and customer satisfaction in the world of vehicle manufacturer’s.

Think my only way now is to send the details of all correspondence between myself and Toyota to Auto Express, maybe they can get a suitable response for me.

Gaz, think you are right about the delay with the Toyota GB engineer looking at your vehicle must be the new reg in September, they obviously do not want any adverse publicity to spoil their registration figures for that period, especially as they seem to be plugging the Corolla in the media at the moment. Oh - if only their potential customers knew what they were letting themselves in for.

Still you never know I may hear from them next week, wont hold my breath though.


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Not sure if this is any help, but when I had a complaint about my Avensis, I got the number of the Toyota GB customer Helpline from my dealer.

Explained my problem and out of pocket expenses to the woman at the other end. As the Avensis had only been out a short while, they had no knowledge of the problem but promised to get the technical dept to investigate. She also commented as how most people are rude and/or abusive and commented on how nice I had been under the circumstances.. to wit she offered to send me a voucher for a free service. So I guess it pays to complain in a postive and good mannered way !

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Well as I have no written reply from Toyota GB I decided to phone and ask what was the latest situation re my problem.

It was soon apparent that they probably had not read either of my letters and if they had, dismissed them as the ravings of another customer, you remember them Toyota, the people who keep you all employed.

However, I have a way for Toyota GB to save money, get rid of all their customer support department and install answer phones that continually say "go to your dealer" maybe they could re-route the money saved into coming up with a vehicle that is worthy of the Toyota name.

Therefore I have followed Gaz's advise sent all communication to Auto express tonight.

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if you live in uk then you must contact watchdog as well let them know all the crap that happens on your car how badly toyota GB handle the whole matter i done that already

here is what happen to me back then however is all put right properly now


here is the link for watchdog http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/contact/watchdog.shtml

watchdog will get back to ya

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