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Gti Manifolds And Exhaust System

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I am looking for a performance Manifold for my GTI. At the moment I have a Green Induction Kit and a full Scorpion Stainless Steel Exhaust system. Does any body know where I might be able to get a Manifold that would have good power gains? Also what kind of price range am i looking at?

Also I jave just recently had a bodykit specially kitted for my Corolla. I originally planned to change my exhaust system so I could have a duplexe system done with 5" back boxes. I went to powerflow to get this done but they said that I do not have enough space on the otherside to get this done They said the reason for this was that it was too near the fuel pipe. Can anybody shed any light on this matter?

Im thinking of changing my scorpion exhaust and getting powerflow just to make me a custom one, which means my one will be up for sale. If you interested please let me know.

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what body kit did you have fitted to the corolla? where did you get it from, i've been looking for a kit for some time now-and have found nothing that i like.

any info would be much appreciated.


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thanks saxokiller,

thats got some good stuff, i like the side skirts and rear bumper for the fast and furious kit, the fronts abit too wild for me. tryin to get a the parents of a german guy i work with to buy and post the kit out to me.

do you know of any bodyshops that can modify bumpers, i have one that doesn't quite fit around the lights properly.


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