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You gonna be coming to JAE? There is gonna be a starlet turbo stand there. Ill be there as will about 10 others. Hopefully getting my bigger turbo through on monday so gonna be up most nights this week fitting it. It's gonna be tight but fingers crossed it'll be done in time.


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hi again.

cheers for the invites but i need to save now to get the starlet but any future events would be cool. i appreciate all the opinions and help from all you people. :D

the starlet i plan to look at is standard. could you guys please suggest.

within a resonable buget and for daily use.

1. a good dump valve.

2. sweet soundin induction.

3. lowering springs.

4. spark plugs

5. lowering sprins.

cheers guys

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Good dump valve would be somethin like a blitz ss or the one ive got which is an HKS ssqv. These are expensive when new but there are quite a few on eBay at good prices. Filter has to be Blitz. I absolutely love it and gives a noticable improvement in power. For suspension check out www.whiteline.com.au. They are in austrailia and do suspension for the ep82. Its meant to be extremely good and pretty well priced. Plugs im not too sure of really mate. Some decent platinums wuold be good. The other thing u missed was exhaust. Either get a good powerflow one made or you could get one from the guy im getting my turbo and manifold from. Very good prices and quality.


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TO Member


.... you could just say...like I do....

1st gear...to the limiter....no way to help that...almost 40

2nd gear......40+ till almost 70....when the limiter comes in again

3rd gear ......70 to 100 exactly....when it hits the limiter again..

4th gear.....100-130....when...you guessed it....limiter again

5th gear will clean the clock...power permitting....Both BYP shop Tercs do it....and they both have 150 mph speedos.

That's how it is in all the turbo Tercs I've driven...I shift on the limiter every gear to get a true mph indication.....The only way to go higher than the previously mentioned speeds in any given gear, is to increase the rev limit...which TurTercel has done....which makes his tranny question to 13Gochi irrelevant.

speeds in mph

taken from -> TercelOnline.com forums

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