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Thinking Of Moving To Poole


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Hello everyone...

As in the topic title I'm thinking of moving to Poole for a few months. A couple of questions...

My wife will be attending college, and for a short time I'll be working in Fleet....

1 - Whats a decent area to live in (I have approx £700 budget to rent)?

2 - Is a daily journey to Fleet going to be difficult or awkward in any way?

3 - Whats the Bournemouth and Poole college like?

Anything else I should know...

Thanking you

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hello mate

I am in Poole

Bournemouth and Poole college are very good.. i have been to college in poole.

The best place to live is in Branksome/Parkstone.. the reason i say this is because

1. Branksome is just off the dual carriageway and is easy access to the main road Wessex way to Ringwood then the M27 to M3 to fleet.. should only take 1 hour

2. Branksome is in between poole and bournemouth and has a large shopping precinct

3. Branksome has its own train station, loads and loads of buses into town

you will find many pleaces in the 700 mark... in fact even a small house.

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