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Electric To Cable Speedometer


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Hopefully someone will be able to throw some light on a little problem I have got.

I have a ae111 Corolla that has a cable driven speedometer. I have just put in a 4agze that comes with a electrical speedometer.

Any one know if there is a converter for this? I know I will need to get a km/h to mph converter anyway but is there one that can change electric to cable?

I was thinking about taking the dials out of the levin ae101 that i have and use them as they are electric but its going to be a bit of a :censor: so if there is an easier way ill do it :D

Any help would be great :thumbsup:

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electric to cable no......the other way around yes.

is it not possible to find what uses the same gearbox on swap out the electrical drive for the mechanical drive


I would have taken the electrical drive off and replaced it with the mechanical drive of my 4afe but they are completely diffrent which is an :censor:.

The 4afe comes out of the top and the 4agze comes out the back. or its the othere way round :lol::lol:

Any ideas?

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talk to fensport. when i got my mr2 turbo box it came with an electronic speedo drive, my clocks are mechnical so the sent me a mechnical drive. woulnt be suprised if they havent got what you need

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