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With a short time to go to JAE 2003 I would like to give all clubs some guidelines to the event and request that this is entered on their forums or email your club members accordingly.

To get the boring bit out of the way these are the guidelines.

Could each club arrange for a rep to be on their pitch asap on the Saturday and Sunday to ensure that member's cars are on the plots prior to arranging the parking positions to help alleviate possible Gridlock of other cars entering the show.

All members from the various clubs are asked to act as unofficial marshals and help to stop anyone doing donuts, drifting and causing a general nuisance especially late at night. If you could approach them and POLITLY ask them to stop, pointing out to them that if we upset Billing 's management that they would not let us use the grounds for future Japanese Auto Extravaganzas and that would be the end of the event.

I would also ask that you ask your members that after 11 o'clock at night to keep the noise from their car radios to an acceptable level and not to start reving their cars up as has happen a couple of years ago.

Plastic bin liners will be provided to each club so that litter on club stands can be kept to a minimum through the day. Could each club on the Sunday at 3/4o'clock remove the marking out pegs and place together in a pile for collection and place any barrier tape and litter in the bin liners provided.

Announcements about the SUMO WRESTLING and TUG OF WAR will be broadcast on JAE RADIO but with the number of clubs coming along entry to these will be closed after 10.30 on the Saturday morning.

Could each club arrange for a club rep to attend a meeting at 3'clock on the Sunday afternoon to discuss what went wrong with JAE 2003 and to suggest improvements for next years show.

Probably things I have missed and anyone who wants to help out with things even for a short time their help would be appreciated.

I look forward to seeing as many as possible at Billing and hope you all have a good time!

If you have any questions please see our forum: http://www.japcarclub.com/jae/forums/index.php

Specific questions please email me at: steve@fatboyburns.go-plus.net

Note from TOC Organisers of the car club are responsible for your actions which could lead to the club being dissallowed to enter JAE next year. Any complaints should be forwarded to the club official who shall report this to the JAE organisers.

thanks for listening and have a fantastic weekend

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