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Cleaning Your Prized Posession


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With JAE coming up thick and fast, I'd thought I'd ask about cleaning methods, techniques and tips that people have when shining up their motor to look like new.

Tell us all your secrets or routines you have, plus any cool products that you just couldn't be without.

I need some tips before JAE so I can decide what to bring with me!


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Okay here we go.... Spent Saturday doing the baby for JAE:

Firstly.. Rinse with hose..

Use Meguiers Bug and Tar Remover, to get rid of bugs..

Then wash whole car with Meguiers Gold Class Shampoo..

Gentle Rinse with fine spray until all soap has been washed away...

Chammy the car...

Then wash the insides of the doors/boot etc..

Then treat the scratches/swirl marks with Meguiers Scratch-X.

Clean the windows with Auto Gleam Glass Cleaner..

Now time for wax... Firstly Meguiers Gold Class Wax...

Second Wax is Meguiers Glass Finish Wax..

Then go around the car, ensuring that all the wax that has 'collected' in the gaps is removed.

Thats the body finished, then just clean the wheels..

Then finish cleaning the engine bay with a damp cloth..

All thats left now is to clean the interior, and shine up the badges... :thumbsup:

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first a good rinse

then a wash with a good quality shampoo

rinse and leather ( i use an autoglym synthetic better than chamois and you can wash it in the washer. had mine 3 yrs and still going strong)

go over with pad glaze to remove fine swirl marks

polish with auto glym super resin

auto glym extra protection

auto glym glass cleaner

take off the alloys and clean both sides apply tyre foam

use auto glym bumper care on the black plastic bits

sit down with a tinny and colapse

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Drive 6 miles to local valeter....pay £30 and car comes back like new (simple) :thumbsup:

I'm with you Gus :thumbsup:


- power jet clean,

- wonder wheels on alloys

- handwashed with sponges - no bristles

- chamoised dry

- hand waxed and polished

- wheels treated with "keep wheels shiney black" stuff

- full interior valet, windows, mirrors, mats, boot etc.

plus I get to sit in their waiting room, drinking their fresh coffee, and reading the papers / magazines.

no ciggies though - gave up over 10 years ago

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Drive 6 miles to local valeter....pay £30 and car comes back like new (simple)  

but expensive!

30 quid expensive?;)

How much time and effort would you put in to save 30 quid?

How much cleaning product would you use?

Shampoos wax etc?

Elbow grease?

I could earn that twice in the time it would

take me to acheive the same look, and i'd

be knackered right out sore fingers etc.

***** 30 quid is not even a night out these days is it??

You should listen to the sock mate,

30 QUID??

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i got one of those broom things that cleans the car super fast and does it really well.

polish it every now and again. i raelly dont have the time at the mo to spend all day cleaning me car.

every time i clean it, it always fcuking rains anyway.

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good call Rick, bout £30 in Halfords aren't they?

whenever i polish mine i get the worlds largest mutant moth smash onto the paint work soon as i take it out again, green moth remains lie everywhere all over the bonnet thoroughly annoying me in the process.

rain is a :censor: too

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Strewth do I ever hate t-cutting white paintwork...... 

i know the feeling! :D

ive not really had mine long enough to establish any sort of routine! it's been in the garage most of the time

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Was considering getting it valeted myself, but wasn't sure about trusting my baby to the hands of strangers...! I actually love cleaning my car, which no one else in my family seems to be quite able to grasp, but I could spend ALL day at it, and not stop until every bit has been cleaned!

OBSESSIVE I hear you cry...! You betcha, but proud as punch to have such a wicked little car, and show it off to all those nasty Nova/XR2 boys that ride around the place, and let them see what a cool car really looks like...! HAHAHAHA

Some interesting stuff tho - Auto Glym seems to be a popular one, so will try some of that next time round.

Cheers guys, and hope to see you all at JAE!!!! Only 2 (ish) days to go.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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