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Can The Lift Be Changed

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Stupid question?

Can the Lift in the cam be altered with on the 2zz-ge engine?

The reason for this is because the lift does not seem to last long enough, only about 2000 rpm. If it kicked in at 5000 rpm the car would be much quicker. I have heard of the MIVEC engines being tampered with and theur intake cams delivering the "LIFT" effect much earlier. Anyone know?

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I used to have a honda civic 1.6 vti, superchipped and HKS induction.....etc.... and the best bit of kit is: VTEC valve controller.... same as the toyota vvti or vvtli.... the vtec meant to kick in @ around 6,00 rpm... but the vtec controller can adjust the kick in at any rpm.... it is a really good investment cos sometimes u need it to kick in at around 1,000 rpm for traffic light grand prix... BUT not recommend to do it all the time...cos it might damage your engine...

I can't do it to my CTS just yet cos it's a company car....

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If there is such thing, how does it work??

I beleive that the hi-cam cannot make any better power below its 6k activation. Although it may hit sooner, it will have less effect for a longer time. There for... Slower and less fun..

Doesn't the Hi-cam need revs to work, isn't that the whole idea of VVTL-i???

please excuse my ignorance...



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