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How Do I Deristrict A Celica Gt4 Twin Entry Turbo


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my mate has a celica gt4 twin entry turbo st185 jap import im not too sure about the top end speed i think its around 145ish but its tops out at 120ish mph due to some kind of restrictor which i think is in the brain maybe not but does any 1 know how to remove or dissconnect this plz :wacko:

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All jap spec cars have a speed limiter limiting to 180kph. The trick is to make the car think it is going slower than it actually is. You can purchase a speed delimiter which will delimit the car.

Alternatively you can get a kph to mph speedo conversion. This usually does the trick of delimiting the car aswell.

Give fensport.co.uk a buzz. They can help you out.

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or depending on the car install a Unichip (NA Mk2 MR2 is approx £380), it'l de-restrict, enhance the performance and eceonomy of the vehicle as well :)

Owen Developments in Oxford are well known and reputed to be the best compnay in the UK at present for the chip....

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