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Jae - Everyone Ready...

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Well, I'm already getting excited, 4 day's till the biggest JAP Event of the year, and this years it's going to be superb...

With a good couple of thousand cars and of course a chance to meet a number of other members (always a good thing) and of course the BBQ's, food and beer what more could you want from a weekend.

The InterClub Sumo and Tug-Of-War Events signup closes on Saturday morngin so we'll have to get a team or two together (and someone ready to take some rather embarrasing photo's :D to make sure that TOC are organised as always and show what we can do :)

I've got my beers already ordered although will probably do a trip to the local supermarket when i get there to buy a disposable bbq or something for friday night, apart from that all ready to go with the exception of cleaning the car which I will leave until Wednesday or Thursday.

Here we go..... I guess the final countdown has wel and truely started :D :D :D

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I was excited until I realised I'd managed to triple book myself this weekend :( No way I'm gonna get out of the whole weekend but will attempt to make Sunday... You got a stand? How many cars on it??

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Mornig Ryan,

not a happy teddy........hope you got my PM if not basically wont be there.... :crybaby: reasons two fold

1. the old girl has blown the oil seals and cant get any delivered till the 3rd of Aug

2. got to go and finalise on a house i just bought in Kieghley

NOT A HAPPY TEDDY :censor: :ffs: :censor: :ffs:

can you remove name etc from list please pal

Hope you all have a cracking time and hopefully see you all at the next meet :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

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I'm off work sick with a nightmare of a cold, but hopefully will be there, not on stand as i'm taking Dawesy's car down to be on the Fensport stand, but looking forward to meeting some of you.

Does anyone know if the weathers gonna improve before the weekend, Looking forward to JAE but don't fancy a mud pit.


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(and someone ready to take some rather embarrasing photo's :D to make sure that TOC are organised as always and show what we can do :)

Did I mention I will be bringing TWO cameras (maybe THREE) with lens up to 200mm to catch that fly on the wall........ :lol:

Hairpieces on everyone......... :afro::afro::afro:

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Not a lot of us have met as not a lot of TOC'ers have been to many of the meets, it tends to be the same old few who turn up. This will be the biggest turnout from TOC yet, although the Karting was good :)

At every meet I've been to, everyone just seems to get on with everyone, I don't think I've seen a tad of animosity at any of the meets yet.

best thing to do is pop along to the TCO stand, say Hi and introduce yourself, noone here bites :)

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Have been cleaning my car ALL week, and am SO excited about this meet...!!!

As long as the weather stays fine, I think we're going to have a great time

Cant wait!!!

It's my first ever meet Supragal, so don't worry about not having met anyone before.


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Supragal, you're not alone, I went to last years JAE with my ex but wasn't a member of TOC so this is my first time really, rather wear the afro wig than a sticky label on my head though!


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Hi everyone

I was just wondering. How much do you have to pay to get into the jae? Now at castle combe we had a ticket to get in. Whats the plan on how you get into the jae? Do you just pay on the gate at billing aquadrome and make your way to the club pitch.


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Hi all,

dont worry about the newbie on the block.......i did it at the last Castle Combe meet.....really friendly bunch and easy to find too.........i just sat in a garage layby on the way to Castle Combe, waited for a modded MR2 and an old 76 Celica to go past and popped her into gear and dropped in behind them (Ryan and Scot) :thumbsup:

or if not just go to JAE and look for the group who have more polish on the cars than paint.......easy to find really just look for the stickers in the back windows.....pack the motor in the middle and it wont take long for somebody to come to you...... :group-cuddles:

Have fun peeps and see you at the next one (hopefully) :crybaby:

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Hey guys! I haven't met anyone yet either so its gonna be fun! :D

Not ready yet, haven't washed the car yet, gotta hoover it as well I guess & polish! Going to have to get busy soon!

Then I'll have to make the best of it when I get to London on Friday, scraping the dead fly's off etc on Sat morning - & pray it doesn't rain as there's no garage where I'll be parking Friday night.... :(

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