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'03/02 Corolla Is It Just Me ...or What !


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I tried to think how I'd describe my noisy new Corolla....and here it all is courtesy of .....


I test drove a Hyundai Elantra and then went to a Toyota Dealer. Given how the HYundai drove, I expected th Toyota to be at least as good if not much better. So I sat and discussed price even before a test drive (mistake!). We settled at $17100 including tax (NY) for an LE. I then decided to test drive. Being a 93 camry owner, I was expecting a much more refined version of the hyundai.

The first car was LOUD!. The sales man said that this was an anomaly and suggested we take another one out. This one is not as loud, but it vibrates as you accelerate through different RPMs. As you accelerate through 1st gear (automatic), you can hear vibrations in different parts of the car based on your RPM. The center console has vibrations at low RPM and 1st gear. The dash near the windshield vibrates at high RPM (only 4500!). If new cars vibrate so much, I can only imagine what it will be like after a year of ownership!? Engine noise is rather high. The tall roof line will also give high wind noise at reasonable speeds (65-75mph). Not to mention that it will catch side winds.

The seats were also not nearly as supportive to the lower back as the Hyundai was.

Overall, not enough power for the weight of the car, not enough features for the price, not enough warantee for the price. Hyundai ELantra beat this hands down.



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