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Corolla Paint Problems


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<_< I have seen a few posts here regarding how easily the paint chips on the corolla front bumper and bonnet.

I may have found out the answer today. It would appear that Toyota use a "nippon paint system" on this vehicle that does not require an undercoat, hence stone chips on the bumper show up the black plastic below and make it difficult to touch in the paint. Not sure if all plants use this method, i know that Turkey and Japan do, so I cannot magine that the uk plant does not, I guess this is another attempt to cost cut at the expense of quality!!!!

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This is why I miss my Renault 19! 7 coats of body treatments...even before the final finish is applied!! That baby wouldn't rust even if you took a sledge hammer to it.

12 year body work guarantee....donb't see that these days....cars these days are "disposable" and have to be in a way to fit in with Recycling laws. Plus more and more people keep their cars for less and less..... so why bother making cars to last...which means they don't...and people get shut earlier....Vicious Circle!


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