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Kent Car Show - Pictures Of Yts

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Yaris with Pug Yaris & MG Yaris & Models

Ok, so i was only on show for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but i got shown :thumbsup: once again, the only Yaris at a car show. It is so nice to be unique and makes a nice change from all the saxo's / corsa's / scoobs and evo's that we in mass. Dont get me wrong, some fine vehicles but it is always good to see something different. It is amazing how many ppl who dont know what the car is.

It was a good day and i was glad the weather held out

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Thanks for the good comments about my car. Believe me it looks 100% better in the flesh, you cant see the red calipers in those pics, really compressed. I am scraping together cash to get my impreza style vent sprayed and fitted. It is sitting in my car waiting to go on. When that is done I will deffo post some in the TOC gallery.

I have a few other ideas for the car that is gonna cost a pretty penny - involving artwork!! enough said on that, it is still WIP and finances prevail at the mo - need to get my ideas together and get a quote, maybe get a bank loan to pay for it

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Hi Miss T

Glad to see that you really had a good time at the show. Nice feeling isn't it when people are looking at your pride and joy dont you think. Shame that you ain't coming to the jae :crybaby:

Perhaps we will see you and your car in the future at one of the next meets???


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Sounds like fun, shame I didn't make it as it was so close to me :(

Never mind!

Is anyone going to the 'European Fast Car Show 2003' @ The Hop Farm in Paddock Wood? It's 9-10th August.

Says it will have:

Custom Cars, Classics, Kits, Modified, Race cars, Fast road machines (whatever they are! :lol:), Arena events & displays, club displays from UK & Europe, driving skills comp, trade stands etc


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