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no, unfortunately can't make JAE this year - definitely there next year!

well, i do know of 1 other person on here from cheshire - NAD with his mad AE92 (4A-GZE is it?) is from round our parts

however, i do feel i have to point out im from st helens originally! :P

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watch out peeps the 80's are back and were here to stay :group-cuddles: :thumbsup:

Are we gonna see you wearing sholder pads Gus, with cartoons on your jeans?

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hi everyone

thanks for all the positive comments :thumbsup: - it's getting there, slowly but surely.

as regards the paint, i had the front bumper and bodykit resprayed recently. i also had the windscreen taken out, and the surround and sunroof repaired from rusting, so he sprayed the roof as well.

the previous owner had the tailgate resprayed, and fitted two brand new genuine front wings (the guy was fanatical - he even bought the wash/wax from toyota!) about 4 years ago.

just don't know what to do with the wheels now - keep them, and refurb them, or save up and get a nicer set? what do u lot think?

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keep them and refurb........a car that age doesnt need anything doing to her out of the ordiary.......thats when things start to go wrong.....even just changing the wheels can have some major knock on effects......trust me i've tried the lot and had major work to do after a couple of months........keep her as she is just clean up and keep polished........she looks good as she is :thumbsup:

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i dont really like them, but i suppose it would keep it original. i was thinking of getting the outer edge of the rims polished, and the centres re-painted and re-laquered, but i cant decide if that would look stupid!

the only reason i thought of it, is i saw it done on a set of minilites, and thought it looked cool. not sure on my car, though.

still, thanks for all suggestions/comments :thumbsup:

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