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Im looking for White Dial Kits - Does anyone know where to get these for a 94 Carina E Saloon?

Also, im looking for aftermarket rear lights, or crystal clear front lights as well, anyone got any ideas? I dont fancy morettes, but i may be swayed if i cant find any alternatives.

If you know any companies, phone numbers, or websites that would help I'd be grateful :bookworm:

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You should get white dials from Lockwood (do a google search) although I seem to recall a Carina owner who had problems finding some...

As for aftermarket rears forget it, your best bet is to try a similar thing to me & spray them (see avatar pic), I don't know about fronts but I doubt your'll find any crystal ones (I assume you mean 206 GTI-esque one's?) - you'll most likely be able to get hold of some clear indicator lenses if you haven't already got them.

For clear side repeators hit the ABC link in my avatar or call Fensport.

Hope that helps :thumbsup:

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