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Yts Idle Noise


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Has anyone noticed a very high pitch whistle on thier Yaris T Sport when Idle? It's been their since I have had the car and I assumed it was normal, but listening to other yari at idle I havn't heard the noise :wacko:

It's a similar noise to a duff computer monitor (if you know what that sounds like!) :(

Any ideas?

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I had a similar problem earlier this year on mine.

My local dealer tried replacing the drive belts. Then they discovered that the power steering pump was leaking slightly, so they replaced that.

It seemed to improve after that, although I'm sure it still makes a bit of noise while idling. I've also noticed it makes a quiet sort of whistle when the air con is running, which I've been told by Toyota is normal.

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the air con noice is normal its just the coolant pump.

just a thought

the other whistle could be from the alternator, some cars need a supressor fitted to it because it sends interfearence through the Speakers due to the magnetic field. itll be more obvious at idle because the engines at its quietest


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