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Hi Guys,

I am driving a EP80 fully converted to EP82,I have done nothing much to the engine except porting & polishing, I was disappointed by the power becos I have been smoke by civics with B16A & B20 engines far too oftenly, time to pay back!

How to make it a kick ***** weapon against civics?

I am running the factory standard 0.8bar on high boost.....

Wish to know wat is the maximum turbo setting without further strenghtening of engine parts?

Is it possible to fit in a 5E clutch & flywheel into my current 4EFTE?

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you should hold your own against civics anyway.. ?

but, best thing to do is get the engine breathing properly..

straight through, no cats zorst.

then a nice air filter with a good cold air feed.

that'll get it revving alot more freely.

after that you might need a FCD bcause you'll start hiting fuel cut early and loosing power.

after that up the boost a little and you should be able to rape civics.

and as for internal strength.

theres a guy in new zealand running 27 psi on standard internals.... just need to set the compression correctly

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