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1990 Celica Gt


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sup ya'll

Just bought a 1990 Celica GT. Everything appears to be working great. Have one issue with it though, until I hit about 30mph I have some serious acceleration problems. It's almost like it's sputtering, without the sputter. After I hit 30mph it runs pretty smooth and responds normally. Has anyone had a similar issue? Could it be fuel pump/injector or is this probably a transmission problem? I'll throw the peddle to the floor and it still feels like it's not getting any gas.

Any ideas?

Also, what would be the best resource for getting new/used replacement parts? I've got some interior components that aren't up to my standards (ie cracking plastic covering on center console, drivers side door-arm rest is a little caved in/cracking on plastic covering).

Thx any help is appreciated.

Oh, anyone got pics of any additional audio equipment (tweets etc) being mounted out of stock positioning within the celica? Want some ideas.

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Not that we advertise the use of the search function of the forum to any new members but you'ld be surprised at how many times the name Toyota Celica Breakers comes up as a trusted company with a number thats very easy to find using google.

Not sure on a fix for you but sure someone will be along shortly with a resolution and fix :)

Welcome to the club matey....

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