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Real Performance Figures For Cts

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The CTS is good car, well equiped, quick etc but the one thing that i've never really understood about it properly are it's 0-60 times and what cars it will beat...

In Topgear/Whatcar I read the 0-60 figure at 8.4 .... which is... pretty slow i think

In very old TOC posts i've read something about the CTS being quicker than a CTR which I find hard to believe as the topgear/whatcar 0-60 for this machine is 6.9

Can anyone clarify this issue as I think it'd be really worthwhile to have some proper figures for the CTS, perhaps some of you CTS owners can indicate the 0-60 of your car?



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i had me mate time me 5 times doing 0-60 it was around 7.2 to 7.4 not higher or lower i done this five times waste a lot of petrol that night :D thats how i know cts will hold is own :thumbsup:

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