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Mk2 Turbo


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i am looking on buying a MK2 turbo but i need to know a few things about the car first, like am i better buying an import? whats the diffrence with an imported Mk2 turbo and a official? what year did they come out and when did they stop being made? can i get a later model in the T-bar shape? any information would be greatly appreciated! :help:

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an official mr2 turbo is an import, they were never imported here, all standard uk ones are n/a. turbos came out in 1989, ended in 98 (or thereabouts)

89-91 is rev 1. 220bhp, 0-60 5.7, 158mph. 14" alloys, small brakes, exciting handling

91-nov 93 is rev 2 220bhp, 0-60 5.7, 158mph, 15" alloys, bigger brakes, tamer handling

nov 93- on is rev 3 214bhp, 0-60 in 5.3, 162mph, same as above but with different spoiler and tame handling, round rear lights

not sure when rev 4 or 5 came out, diff spoiler

there are a couple of other negligable differences, such as front bumper and coloured sidestrips.

all will have aircon. came in 2 models gt and gts. gt models have half leather, elec everything. gts ones have cloth seats and lack steerable fogs, folding mirrors, but they were options so some may have them.

all models/years came with t-bar or solid roof.

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