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i dont know so much about celica.

but i think i am going to buy a celica now and i have some questions first.

the car im going to buy is a toyota celica 87

and now some questions:

1. what is liftback?

2. how many horse power is it in the different engines? (2.0l 8 and 16 valves)

3. what different is it whit twincam?

please help me...

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Liftback = Hatchback.

Also referred to as 3 door.

So it's not a coupe, it's a hatchback. The hatchbacks are more common from what I've seen.

Well I'm from North America, so I'm not too sure where you're from, but...

Your last two questions are related...

Twin Cam = 16 Valves I think? I could be wrong.

You'll get more power out of a model with the twin cam engine. I didn't even know there was an 8 valve 87' model?

As for horsepower... Well, in North America, the GT-S would come with 135hp (3S-GE engine). The GT I think is 115hp and I don't know about the other models.

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