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Hello I'm New :d

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Hello guys and girls :D

Just saw a link to your site and thought I'm pop along and say hi :)

had a few Toyotas now so this is the place for meeeeee! :group-cuddles:

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Helloooooooooo :D

Just been told I'm not allowed to have my website in my sig :o (was nicely told tho lol) bit harsh as The reason I'm here is because I saw this site mentioned in Miss T sports sig on Girlracer... aw well..

a whole forum without any lesser cars! got to be a good thing ;) might even find someone who knows about my engine :eek:

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...might even find someone who knows about my engine :eek:

Queue SupraCharged Mat..

Hows a twin tutrbo Supra engine in an Lexus IS sound :)

There's plenty of people who know engines and other bits and bobs around on the site so any queries you have just post away and I am positicive you'll get the answers you're after no matter how bizzare...

Happy posting :)

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LOL Steveo.. you probably know me as the Bruster ;)

doesn;t suprise me someone put that engine in an IS200.... as it the same engine.. just a different version (IS200 is 1G-UFE or something.. my car is a 1G-GTE.

I know the 1jz engine well (had 2 soarer TT's) I know the 7M-GTE inside out (literally!) but the 1G-GTE isa new to me... and totally weird!!!

other Toyos I've had are a Celica mk4 2.0 GTI. and an import mr2 G limited. it was very limited too being a 2.0 auto LOL.

hoping to get a mk1 MR2 soon strip it down and run a 3S-GTE in it ;)

Should be fun :D

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someone I know is building a 2l nova turbo.

its going to totally waste my supra...


so I needed a small light car that would take a 2.0T.....

I like RWD I like toyotas... was either an oldschool corrola coupe.. or a mk1 mr2...

unfortunately I just quit my job...... so we'll have to wait :crybaby:

damn..... I'll need excuses people!!!!

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Queue Dawsey....

example of car from one of his quotes...

"trust me 300bhp in the wet is no fun, well not all the time. 400+fwd=high occurance of tyre replacement. my right foot isn't that good a traction control. would only take it to 350-370bhp with fwd after that 4wd. i'm already looking at the conversion to 4wd at the moment.

watch this space a 4wd ae-92 now that must be a first "

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I have to transport a woman from henley to billing, with long hair and no roof... no doubt I'll be late as usuall and need to "push on"

The earplugs will be already installed ;)

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