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Jae For New Members...

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OK peeps...

Just a quick shout out for all the new members as there seem to be a fair number of you recently....

First of all hope your all enjoying the club and for those that haven't heard the biggest Jap Car event of the year is tkaing place this weekend with a number of us going up on the friday and camping till the Sunday.

Well over 3000 cars are likely to be attending of all descriptions. There is still space on the stand if you would like to join us and it would be great to see some of you lot there, its always good to put names to faces.

If you want to attend please put you name on the list on the thread found HERE.

Admission is £6 at the gate or £9 if your camping and it is defaintely going to be an unforgettable weekend...

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Wouldn;t miss it for the world!!!! been plannign it for ages.. ands its suddenly crept up mand I'm not ready!!!!

I blame the alcohol myself but hey...

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ta :)

I'm meant to be with the supra people but they are not sure if they have space (we mk3 people are SO well organised!!!) Would it be incredibly rood and cheeky as a newbie to potentially sign up even tho I'm not entirely sure whats going on?

(ok I know the answer to that....)

would you guys all take it personally? LOL

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we are a mixed crowd.. we never fail to excite.

sometimes its great to have a mixture of cars than the same old line of cars.

Between LOC and TOC we have a massive 190 car pitch. Plenty of room!

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errr no... you mean those who deleted my post on their forums when i invited them to JAE...

I found them very rude.. sorry.. I was polite to invite and they were rude enough to delete my post 3 times without even saying why.

LOC is the real Lexus Owners Club which is a sister club to TOC

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