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98 Corolla Suspension


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Hi all i'm new to this scene here...

Does anybody know if Bilstein makes sport shocks for a 98 Corolla? The only ones I've found so far are only the Touring Class o.e. replacement shocks, which I hear are pretty much made to basically be replacements so they're not really geared towards "sporty" style driving.

If Bilstein doesn't make any sport shocks, can anybody recommend the Touring Class shocks? Or are there any other suggestions for any good brands of shocks?

I've looked into Kyb, Tokico, and Bilstein, and I was hoping Bilstein made some monotube designed sport shocks, but I don't think they're available. I've been told that Bilstein's are about the same quality as Kyb, which are pretty soft to provide some good comfort, but not as aggressive as Tokicos, so cornering abillity isn't improved all that much. From that information you'd think I'd have already chosen Tokicos then, but I've read a lot of stories and have also been told that Tokicos have a tendency to blow out very quickly.

So basically I'm back all at square one and looking into any other makers of shocks. If only Bilstein made monotube sports for the 98 Corolla...

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It also depends on your location. Toyota made several completely different models for different markets. I know that parts for US models don't fit UK models. We really need to know where you are to answer your question. In the UK you can get adjustable Koni shocks and also KYB (Toyota OEM equipment I believe)

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Actually I don't have a corolla, but a 98 Prizm, which as I understand it, also has the zze110 chassis.

I didn't know it had anything to do with it, but I'm from California. I tried looking for Koni adjustables for the car, but I came up with nothing. The Koni North American site didn't list it as a car to fit the Koni shocks to.

I've tried looking for monotube shocks for my car, but I couldn't find anything, except for the real deal coilover kits which are upwards of $1200+. In the end, out of all the twintube built shocks that I could come across (GAB, KYB, Tokico, Bilstein), I finally decided on the Bilsteins.

Even though I've already decided on the dampers, I'd still like to hear everybody's opinion on what they think is the best, and if I haven't listed a certain brand of shocks, please let me know just so I can look into it should I change my mind..lol

I also have a question that I've been wondering about. I think it was Tokicos I saw this for, but the same model High Performance (blues) shocks are used for the 1993 all the way up to 2000 models. Does this mean that the corollas from 93-97 (AE92 or AE101? I'm not too keen on the chassis model numbers), and corollas from 98-00 (zze110) are able to fit the same shocks? Or did Tokico do something to make it fit for both of those models?

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Personally (yes, I'm a new guy here), I'm fond of stuff made by JIC, which may be !Removed! expensive, but they do the job well... (http://www.jic-magic.com )(In your case B98, they'd be going for $1850 USD for the FLT-A2's...)

Now, as to why I'm so fond of JIC coil-overs? 15-way adjustable, inverted monotube (for struts, standard monotube for shocks) design, plus they're fully adjustable height wise from a 0.5" drop to a 3" drop (most can change ride height on either top or bottom of each individual strut/shock). And adjusting the damper is quite easy to do on the models. having a camber adjustment built in helps as well...

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Yea...my friend has a set of the JIC coilovers for his Honda Prelude (I forget which JIC kit it is), and he says they perform at a whole different level from his Koni/H&R setup.

But alas, they cost more than I can afford, so I'd have to skip them. I'm not into the whole adjusting stuff thing either. Too much trouble..lol

However, I wouldn't mind having just the monotube struts..lol

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