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Scooped: '05 Supra!


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:thumbsup: Plans for Toyota to introduce a replacement for its Supra sports car are gathering pace, according to sources. The rendering is an indication of what such a twenty-first-century Supra might look like, but we'll all just have to wait until this October's Tokyo motor show for the real thing (or a show concept at the very least).


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I'm not totally convinced :blink:

but I'll hold my resevations untill I see it in the flesh!!!!

is it true its going to runa 'charged V8?

if so its not a proper supra :P

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It will be a six as on the current cars but in 3.0 and 3.5 litre options. They will no longer be charged in any way or form. It is too expensive to make, too expensive to sell and people are put off by the higher insurance premiums.

As said it is aimed at the 350Z market. Likewise Nissan have dropped the turbos for the same reasons.

It's still cheaper than an Aston, XK8 and Masser. And you're getting all three cars rolled into one with Japanese reliability.

What more could you want. :)

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we've seen pics of the next supra on here before, but that one has a different front end. Roll on October then when all will be revealed! :D


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